You DO You and Stand Strong in GRITTY

It is imperative that people project their voice and step into their own physical space. We no longer have to shrink our shoulders and minimize our stance when we have a GRITTY mindset. Speakers can reduce anxiety with speaking when they control their bodies and own their space to project their voice and influence with confidence.

Gritty women interviewed Megan Hamilton. A public speaking coach for women with speaking anxiety. Her clients are tired of avoiding opportunities because they’re afraid they might sound stupid or unprofessional. She helps them control their nerves to confidently deliver a speech, present at a work meeting, or be assertive in a difficult situation.

She is a classically trained Actor from the Ryerson Theatre school, a professional musician (with 5 records) and her big jam is helping underrepresented voices reach new ears.

Listeners can connect with her website and get a free public speaking guide

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