Spatial Gratitude with Jillie Maria and Lynne Brown

There are times when we have to really say what we are grateful for out loud. As times change everyone is making massive shifts in their life. Some are losing jobs, others are overwhelmed with work and kids, partner relationships are stained with everyone being home. It is necessary for everyone to take the space that they need to connect with themselves and then the rest of the world.

The space and grace that we give ourselves is largely within our control. Some will wake up early to get those moments of personal connection and others will stay up into the late night hours to relish in some well deserved alone time. However it is done, it has to be done. While we create this space for ourselves it is OK to forgive ourselves and profess some self-love.

We can be hard on ourselves when things change. Being reminded of the need to keep space open for others to express their anxiety is a crucial lesson that we are all having to do.

Here are ways you can give yourself some space and grace while quarters are tight…

  1. Schedule alone time and tell people that you are doing it.
  2. Go for a walk without anyone.
  3. Take a leisure drive
  4. Talk things out with yourself or write it down
  5. If something is bothering you, it is OK to say something and change it.

In the Gritty Women Podcast Jillia Maria gave us even more ways to allow for spatial gratitude that changes attitudes.



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