Rise Up Even After Being Pushed Down

We can all become disheartened when we are not in a job that we enjoy. But what about when you are doing something you enjoy and you still have ups and downs? Some may blame the world, others will just be oblivious to the shifts in energy and then there will be the select few who recognize that they hold the keys to their success and are the only ones who can control their level of joy. Yes, we can change jobs, yes we can change locations, yes we can even change friends and let go of family. One thing that you cannot release is yourself. We have to stay accountable and in alignment with what we want to create in the world.

Frankly, in this world we need to recognize that we are going to make mistakes, time will pass but then we have to rise with grace. Seek forgiveness for wrongs made and continue to level-up. Everyone has a sad story or a bad story or even a scary story, those are the page-turners that we never want to put down but as Kaye Doran discussed with us, we control our narrative and what we take action on. It won’t be the big things that stop us, those are the activities that we are pushed to do.

It is in the small things that it really starts to count, it is in the minutia of our day that we can become lost without focused intent and when we do get lost, we have to forgive ourselves and keep going. That is what thinking tough truly is, it isn’t about being critical of others, it is about seeing past our own critiques, taking the time to focus on the little things that count, and accepting the things that we cannot change.

I have been writing messages to my Gritty Squad every morning to help them rise higher each day. I know it takes an ocean of people to help keep our ship sailing and I wake up with gratitude for each and every one of the people in my circle of influence and depend on me to share how Gritty is the new Glitter.

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